Our Story - "Hunt the X"

We at Migratory-X began with a simple goal in mind. We wanted to create an Instagram page where local hunters could share waterfowl hunting related pictures for the local hunting community to view and appreciate. This soon grew into a thriving community that not only drew a local audience, but rather hunters from all across North America. We at Migratory-X strive to better the waterfowl hunting community by offering good looking, affordable and quality apparel for everyone. Not only do we strive to provide quality apparel, but we would also like to help hunters find quality products that have been tested and trusted by our staff to be used everyday both in and out of the field. From decoys, to waders, to calls and more, we have a few hand selected partners whom we are happy to work with (linked below) to continue to provide you with anything you might need related to the outdoors. 

Thanks for all of the support,

Mason Nemitz, CEO, Migratory-X

Our Trusted Partners